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O.E.P. Soapery

Meet the Maker

Deborah Freeman is owner and founder of OEP Soapery. OEP Soapery was created in 2018 and is thriving as it meets the ever growing consumer demand for Vegan Products. 

OEP Soaps are created using the Cold Process Technique and are scented using both Essential Oils and/or Skin-safe Vegan Cruelty-Free Fragrance Oils.  Cosmetic Grade Vegan Micas are used for colorants and Food Grade Vegan Oils and Butters are used as a base for all her bar soaps.  Creamy Coconut Milk is also used in place of animal milks. No claims other than her product being SOAP are made or should be insinuated or interpreted.  Deborah was born and raised as well as grew up in the rural woodlands of New Milford, Ct.  With her parents and four siblings, finding fun things to do was as easy as walking out the backdoor into nature’s playground.  

She is a Navy Mom, and Grandmother as well as a Community Volunteer & Board Member of WCGNM.  She works part-time as a Social Service Admin Assistant at a Nursing Home in New Milford. Deborah also finds joy in hands on activities like gardening, cooking, crocheting and canning in her free time.  

She looks for uniqueness in everything and strives to create high quality vegan and cruelty-free products. As a mother and grandmother Deborah's passion for the use of cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly products is quintessential to her family and business values.

From the dining room table in her childhood home Deborah creates and delivers to her customers stunningly artistic and uniquely designed soap bars, soapy cupcakes and more. 

OEP SOAPERY is a personal care brand created by Deba-do LLC, including varieties of beautifully handmade small-batch cold process artisan vegan soaps.